“If you like Psychedelic Lo Fi-Pop Baroque-Folk, It’s Well Worth a Listen…”

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“Profound Songwriting…. beauty bellows out…behind music’s curtains.”-COLLECTIVE PALLATE PRESS

CARL (FROM BRAZIL)- “I’m just now listening to Sublation – I think it’s awesome…”

KYLE (FROM THE UK) – “Just wanted to say thanks for this great music! Love, love, love ‘Powerlines’, never really heard another “band” like this. All of the songs on the album thus far are great, too.”

As one prominent blog reviewer put it, “Pocket’s addiction to creation is 100% evident… Album after album, you can keep your ears full of tunes and your mind full of thought as you listen on and read the lyric sheets…”. In short, if you are a fan of innovative, envelope-pushing recording artists and songwriters in veins such as psychedelic folk, baroque pop orchestration, and lo-fi analog recordings, then Pocket is a must to try.

Her lyrics and melodies have captured the attention of listeners in numerous countries and her honest and strikingly unmatched instrumental prowess and knack for melodies make these songs the perfect backdrop for the “film” of our everyday moments.

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